Sustaining Ourselves Workshop

A group of sustainability professionals created a workshop with the goal to keep us as energized as possible for the challenges we face everyday at our institutions. This overnight workshop was designed with the intention of it being replicated in other areas throughout the region, see below for a general schedule of events.

A group also submitted a half-day workshop at AASHE to explain the workshop as well. More details as the schedules for AASHE are finalized.


Example of a Sustaining Ourselves Workshop:

Day 1 Sessions
Arrival/move into rooms 3PM: This workshop was held at Saint John’s Abbey Guest House in Collegeville, MN. The workshop was capped at 15 people.
Learning Each Other’s Story: 20 minutes was given for everyone to draw a timeline of their life. People showed the ups and downs, as well as big life events that made them who they are today. Everyone was given the floor to share their story with the group. The timelines were then put on display for the rest of the workshop.
Eat together
How do you do this work and not burn out?/How do you sustain yourself? This topic was talked about in length. We also decided on topics the group wanted to talk about more in the open sessions the following day.
Day 2 Sessions
Share common challenges: Discuss what tools/tricks/things have you learned to address the challenges? 
Open session part 1: let’s discuss what you want to chat about 
Open session part 2:  let’s discuss topics you want to chat about 
Wrap-up/nuggets of wisdom/upcoming opportunities to collaborate 
End day, depart for home