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14th Annual Sustainability Summit

May 3, 2017 - May 4, 2017

Track 1: Corporate Sustainability: Economic, Environmental and Social Developments

  • Theme: What are the drivers/impediments to sustainable growth and progress? Challenges such as resource scarcity, demographics and climate change are redefining expectations, public policies, regulatory frameworks and business environments. Discuss how companies anticipate and manage current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities and risks.

Track 2: The Impact of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

  • Theme: Manufacturers are becoming increasingly concerned about the issue of sustainability. Recognition of the relationship between manufacturing operations and the natural environment has become an important factor in the decision making among industrial societies. Discuss how making development sustainable is in general a challenging and complex undertaking, involving such factors as technology and engineering, economics, environmental stewardship, health and welfare of people and the communities in which they live and work.

Track 3: Sustainable Energy: Embracing the Challenges & Opportunities

  • Theme: Discuss the development of clear and realistic long-term options for a sustainable energy future through research evidence-based information and advice, including smart grid. Discuss the scope of smart grid/distributed generation opportunities, overview of existing technologies, potential future technologies cost/benefit of distributed generation.

Track 4: Sustainable Business & Entrepreneurship: Incubators and Start-Ups

  • Theme: What are the trends and forces underlying the changing character of the business-environment relationship? How are they creating significant entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals and companies? Discuss how Incubator programs are providing selected start-ups with mentors, networking opportunities, educational opportunities, access to resources, and space to help guide them through the early stages of product, service, and business development. INCLUDE: M-WERC (WERCBENCH LABS) AND WATER COUNCIL (BREW)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Track 1: Water: The Ultimate Resource

  • Theme: What are the social and economic challenges we face in terms of water resource availability including infrastructure, energy-water nexus, new technologies, funding sources and education.

Track 2: Public Health in the Global Environment

  • Theme: Protecting and creating healthy environments is a critical component of sustainable development. Environmental health can be integrated into sustainable development by identifying efforts to address environmental problems that can also provide health benefits. Learn from the experts on how land use, transportation patterns and systems, energy use, food production and distribution, water use, and population growth contribute to climate change and ecosystem degradation.

Track 3: Sustainable Cities: Building and Environment

  • Theme: Discuss challenges and opportunities for sustainable construction, buildings, transportation, cities, infrastructure, smart technologies, energy efficiency, waste management and water resource management.

Track 4: Sustainable Agriculture and the Food Supply

  • Theme: Discuss the challenges and opportunities that businesses, government, and NGOs face as they contribute to developing and promoting sustainable food supply chains that increase food production, preserve natural resources and fight hunger at the local, national and global level.

Track 5: Sustainable Education and Green Job Opportunities: Collaboration with K-12, Technical Colleges, Colleges & Universities

  • Theme: Building a green economy takes countless people working in education, business, government and non‐profits to jointly understand our global green and sustainability challenges and know how to collaborate to create solutions that lead to green jobs. Education plays a vital role and also has a unique and important role in generating and supporting the partnerships that will catalyze a green and sustainable economy. Discuss current and future


May 3, 2017
May 4, 2017


Milwaukee Area Technical College Downtown Campus
700 W State St.
Milwaukee, WI 53233 United States
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