Northland Colllege

Northland College is a private, environmental liberal arts college, of 700 students, located in Ashland,WI on the shores of Lake Superior. Founded in 1892, Northland adopted it’s environmental mission in 1971.

Sustainability Summary and Highlights:
At Northland College, sustainability is all about people. We believe that environmental change requires more than technical knowledge of renewable energy, ecosystems and sustainable business practices; it demands as exploration of human nature an exploration of ourselves. Our commitment to sustainability is about acting from a position of hope: we can only construct a positive future if we can envision it.

Our campus is a lab where we pursue sustainability – testing theories in real world projects, with real impacts and risks. Our students participate in all levels of campus life- from volunteering to enhance our “commons”, to work study jobs that support our green features, to capstone projects that help our college innovate. Students are active in governance, strategic planning, and vision-setting, creating a more sustainable future now.

In the last year students have taken the lead on such projects as removing trays from the cafeteria, expanding the community garden, increasing the renewable energy fund to $40 per semester, hiring a Sustainability Director for the student association, creating a reuse center, creating business plans for green initiatives, and presenting at events around the country.